Locating Week 1


Starting Locating and finding out we had to juggle two briefs was a little daunting. I felt previously one had been tough enough, especially as the deadline crept up. I was worried two projects would become too much and couldn’t image doing two sets of knitted samples.

After Locating had been explained properly and we were given options to choose from for the live brief, I began looking more into them, and seeing which I thought would benefit me and interest me the most. I really liked the sound of The Bradford Textiles Society, creating a knitted fabric for fashion, using a minimum of 60% Merino Wool. Having never worked with Merino Wool before, I feel it would be a beneficial project and allow me to explore and create high quality fabrics.

I did more research into the concept behind my project, and tried to make it very different to previous projects. I found myself to be looking at a lot of metallics, and marble that came from interiors and architecture. Of course, applying for the Bradford completion, my project would be fashion based; and so I researched more into the marble and metallic look I liked, in a fashion context. I really liked the work of Balenciaga, how the marble effect was created on knitted pieces through paint coatings, and also the foiling from designers such as Acne; two materials I had never worked with before.

As for my self initiated brief, I weren’t sure what I wanted to do for it. After the first tutorial with Zoe, I was set on my live brief and was excited to start, but still needed more research into ideas I had for my self initiated brief.


Alexander McQueen Spring 2015


Balenciaga Fall 2013