Locating Week 2


After hearing about other members of my group choosing the branded live brief, one that i first missed when looking at the options; I really liked the sound of it. As I previously wanted to look at footwear as the context of my knitting; I felt choosing to work for a footwear designer would perhaps help me out a little more. So I decided to stick to the branded project and instead, use the research I had done for the other project as my self initiated brief, still entering it into the Bradford 60% Merino wool competition. I felt doing one project fashion based, and the other footwear based would give me freedom and a lot to experiment with for two completely different projects.

I have decided to base my live brief on quirky footwear designer Sophia Webster. Looking in particular at her SS15 collection. The footwear and fashion show are very bright, neon and colourful; very different to my monochrome looking self initiated brief. I spoke about my two project ideas in this weeks tutorial and was ready to get on with both projects over the holidays. For the rest of the week I thought about the concept behind each project and knitted some plain Merino wool samples to experiment with the marble/cracking effect that I could get on with over Christmas. And for the rest of the week, beginning to take photos for each project. For my self initiated brief I wanted to use a mixture of marbling, metallics, and the graphical structures of architecture; so gathered a collection of photos to work from. For my live brief, I looked into the collection of shoes, and the fashion show which was named, ‘jungle rave’. There was lots of graffiti on the walls of the show, and also in quite a few of the shoes. Fruit was also a big part of the collection, along with gems, 3D flowers and animal prints. I didn’t want to use all of this things, so got my visual research from graffiti, and setting up fruit in different placements.


Sophia Webster S/S 15 ‘Jungle Rave’


Sophia Webster S/S 15