Locating Over Christmas


After figuring out the concept behind my projects and getting my visual research, I could start to work more effectively and draw from my photos as well as gathering more visual research. For my live brief, I tried to make connections between the footwear and my own photos. I did this effectively with the graffiti photos and Sophia Webster’s shoes, from which I did some drawings from. I tried to include parts of the footwear and my own photos in my drawings so I weren’t just sticking to one of the other, and although I was working for the brand, my work was different somehow.

For my self initiated brief, I did some experiments on different types of marbling using materials such as dropping nail polish onto water, and adding watercolours into shaving foam. Both methods worked effectively but had different looks to them. From the marbling and doing more artist research, a lot of the marbling effect was cracked surfaces. I really liked the look of this, so gathered some images of peeling and cracked surfaces as well as marbled ones. I used a range of different materials to create the cracked effect such as emulsion, which worked much better with a few thick coats.


Graffiti style drawing using inks


Marbling effect using nail polishes