Locating Week 3


I felt I had done a substantial amount of work over the Christmas holidays and was ready for my tutorial, I felt I had balanced my time effectively to each project so far and felt on track. I was suggested by my tutorial group to change my context for my live brief from footwear to fashion. I felt this would help me out a lot and give me much more freedom as trying to fully imagine knitted pieces in a footwear context was hard to get my head around. I felt this project had been worked less on because of this reason too. I was interested in creating samples for knitted jumpers in collaboration with Sophia Webster’s footwear, and think this would be something new and interesting I could offer the brand. As for my self initiated brief, I was advised to do some more drawings and just carry on with what I was doing.

For the remainder of the week, I thought about how I could translate my drawings into potential knit samples and the techniques I would use. For my self initiated brief I wanted to keep my samples quite plain and minimal; and the techniques I would be using, sticking to just one side or section of the sample. Then manipulating the fabrics afterwards adding metallics such as foils, and cracked paint/marble effects afterwards. I translated some of my branded project drawings into jumper designs to help me imagine the drawings I was doing as actual fashion pieces and knitwear. I carried on with my drawings and experiments throughout the rest of the week.


Making connections from my own photos and the brand


Marble/cracked effect experiment on a knitted sample