Locating Week 4


I spoke about what I would like to include in my knit samples during this weeks tutorial, and got some feedback on techniques and materials I could use for my live brief. Brightly coloured yarns were a definite, I just needed to explore the right qualities and colours throughout the rest of the week. I planned on doing some spray painted drawings this week as I liked working in a similar way with inks and working into afterwards in my sketchbook, which tied in very well with my chosen collection.

For my self initiated brief, I carried on drawing from my photos, and experimented with foils on knit samples, as well as using them for drawings. I looked at different placements and used fimo to created a different kind of marble effect which I really like and wanted to use within my knitting.


Collage drawing using a range of materials


Spray paint with textured surface

manish arora

Manish Arora Fall 2012