Locating Week 5


Having an individual tutorial to start this week enabled me to speak fully about my work; showing hand made beads, leather flowers and the yarn choices I wanted to use for my live brief, as well as some knitted samples. I have chosen to use a mixture of lambswool and mercerised cotton put together in similar colours, to give the wooly effect I wanted, but with the brightness of the cottons coming through. This also made the samples a lot thicker and stronger which gave a nice quality. I wanted my samples for this brief to be fairly simple, but with the added pieces to give more interesting qualities and tie in with the footwear.

For my self initiated brief, I had done some more plain Merino wool samples, as well as an elastic one. I tested out some more emulsion for the cracked effect on these samples, and tried ironing on bonderweb afterwards to try and stop the paint from flaking off. This didn’t work, and the elastic sample crumbled all the paint off when stretched. I was suggested some different ways of trying to stop the paint from crumbling such as clear nail polish, and thought PVA glue could work too.

Visiting Florence this week meant I wouldn’t be able to get much knitting done. Only having a week left of the branding project once back was a little panicking but I felt I was on track enough and ready to continue once back. I found florence to be very inspirational in many ways, I noticed there was a lot of marble around which was very relevant to my live brief. I also discovered a knitted fabric at the yarn fair which was similar to the look I wanted for my self initiated brief, as well as a large range of university students knit samples on display. A lot of the samples were very textural and used lots of different kinds of materials in them which was good to see. Speaking to a graduate at a stall covered in tiny knitted jumpers and cardigans gave me an insight to the kind of jobs that were out there. The business she worked for produced tiny versions of knitted garments, which would then be sold on to companies and sent off to be made into full size replicas to sell in shops and online. I didn’t think businesses like this existed, I found it very interesting and widened my horizon to where my career could potentially take me; not realising how many different type of jobs relating to knit there actually is out there.


E-Wrap sample


Marble and metallic exterior


Coated cracked effect knitting at Pitti Filati