Locating Week 6


After looking over my samples during this weeks tutorial, it enabled me to see what was working and what weren’t. I looked over the SS/15 collection of footwear I had in my sketchbook with my knit samples spread out, which enabled me too see if I was making connections to the brand. My tutorial group suggested adding in some neon colours as the yarn colours weren’t quite right, and pick out the ones that weren’t working as well together. I was told to just go completely crazy, like the brand; but found it a lot harder to get the look with having so many different colours, styles and patterns. Throughout the rest of the week, I decided to completely change my yarns and go for a base of a clean white smooth yarn instead of the fluffier, creamier wool which seemed to take the brightness out of the yarns. This transformed my samples straight away, and doubling up mercerised cottons made a big impact on the brightness of the colours and connected with the brand much more. I think towards the end of the week I felt my samples were looking a lot more like they were taken from the brand, than from the drawings I had done from making connections with my own concept.

I feel as though I was a lot more concentrated on getting the brand across than working from my own concept and drawings as the last few days were rushed, but felt I got across what I needed to and made connections with the specific colours, prints and embellishments from Sophia Webster’s S/S 15 collection. I would liked to have spent more time knitting with the final yarns I had chosen and exploring more techniques and developments for this project, as well as experimenting with better ways to attach the leather to my samples. I was looking forward to continuing with my self initiated brief as this is the one I felt I was swaying more towards.


Knitted sample witing beading and leather


Fairisle sample with beads