Locating Week 7


Having handed in my live brief, I felt this week would be much better with only having to focus on one project. I felt much more confident about my self initiated brief as from the start I had put the most work into this project. I was planning on entering this project into the Bradford Textiles Society competition, which was a minimum of 60% Merino Wool. I had bought a 4 ply in white, and two 1 ply in black and grey to use, but found the 1 ply didn’t knit as well on the 7G Dubied machines, it had a much better quality doubled or tripled up.

I wanted my samples to be quite structured and textural, so used techniques such as pockets and ribs to reflect my drawings. Through this week, I focussed more on techniques, using the black, white and grey Merino wools, adding in the occasional cotton in neutral colours. I tested out using acrylic paint onto one of my samples for the cracked effect instead of the emulsion I had previously used, as I thought it may work better for not flaking off. This worked successfully for not flaking off, but didn’t really give the same matte finish I wanted, so I decided to continue with the emulsion, creating thicker layers to stop it from crumbling. I also experimented with using the marbling techniques I had used in my drawings, straight onto the knitted fabrics, trying it on both the dried paint and straight onto the yarn. I really liked the effect of this and the ways it could bring my colour palette into my samples.

P1200383 copy

Inlay/draw thread sample with stuffed pockets and cracked emulsion


Parsons MFA Spring 2016