Locating Week 8


During my final tutorial of Locating, I shown my knitted samples and explained the ideas I wanted to get across through my knitting. I had used black, grey and white Merino wools for the majority of samples, and tested out foiling and marbling on the surface. With the white being a wool, it turned out very creamy which my tutorial group pointed out; which weren’t the look I wanted for my collection. I was suggested to just put my work in to the more open Bradford competition instead, as the Merino wool was holding me back with the lack of colours I had and that were available. I felt this would make me able to create my samples much easier, not having to worry about the yarn materials or qualities.

I planned out the samples I wanted to create for my final collection, using just the dubied machines for this brief as I preferred the quality of fabrics and wanted the certain techniques created on the dubied’s. It was more difficult than I thought planning samples and not making them too complicated as I had a lot of additional textures such as marble and leather squares inside monofilament pockets, the cracked effect from paint, and the marbled effect; as well as different techniques on the machine. I didn’t want my samples to look too hectic so had to simplify them, making sure everything I wanted was included in my final collection.

I decided on my final colour palette which included a dusty pink to compliment the rose gold I had used and decided to take out the other metallics other than silver as it didn’t seem to compliment my samples.


Final colour palette yarn wraps and marbling


Final sample