Starting Unit X going into the fashion brief, we were put into groups which we would work with for the next six weeks, bringing a range of different specialisms working towards producing a final collection of menswear designs and samples for James Long SS17. Looking into the Brand, focussing more closely on the knitwear; it seemed more abstract than my usual style of knit, with generally grungier colours.

As a group, we started off with an initial idea of looking at the 70’s, but once we all came back together after researching, found there was not much we were really interested in. We then decided to change to the 80’s, and instantly the group was much more intrigued to start. We decided on an 80’s Miami concept, taking a british guy on a road trip through Miami; looking more closely into what interested us each most, which for me was the beach/tropical side. We researched into The Casuals, a group that worn higher end sportswear in the 80’s as the kind of guys we were imagining were on this road trip; and using the sportswear as a start to the garment research we wanted to look into. Also bearing in mind that the collection was for Spring/Summer and Miami being a generally hot country.

The first presentation of our ideas seemed to go well and the other groups and tutors gave some good feedback to continue working with.