The drawing workshop to start the week was very different to my usual way of working in textiles. Jordan and Madeleine had bought some garments to use as inspiration which we put onto the mannequins and drew from, along with an 80’s print swimming costume and sunglasses I had kept of my mums from the 80’s. I was reluctant to drawing garments as my fine art style drawing was not something I was strong in, and imagined everything would look messy and childish. I was pleasantly surprised, although I drew straight onto tracing paper to overlay, the section I had drawn didn’t turn out as bad as i had imagined. Looking at the rest of the groups drawings, I knew this was for sure not going to be a strong point for me, but working in a group meant picking out the best of the work to use as the final collection. Although we were all being marked individually, it didn’t mean I had to waste a lot of time on the parts I weren’t great at, but focus more on my strengths.


Garment research

I really liked the double waistband idea with the mixture of the sports style drawstring and the denim.

After a successful tutorial with Sarah, we came out with lots more ideas to look into such as Muscle Beach in Miami and the greasy looking body builders there as Muse ideas. Each group member gathered images of a possible Muse we thought could work with the concept, and ended up with a group of five ‘lads’. I really liked the idea of the muscle men, and wanted to develop my personal muse on from this, taking faces from the group of lads, with the body of the men from Muscle Beach. Again, with fine art style drawing not being a strength of mine, I was worried about drawing faces in the Muse workshop, but decided to try different techniques such as continuous line and not looking at the paper whilst drawing; I found these to be a lot more free flowing and less uptight which i preferred.