During the easter break, I planned to start building a body of drawings to then sample from. I really struggled to work having no primary research, as the whole context of fashion was a lot different to textiles and my usual way of working. I had never seen the work of any fashion students so didn’t understand what I would draw from my research. With having a Miami road trip theme, I imagined the type of car that would be used on the trip, and took some photos of a 80’s style Sahara Edition Jeep. I then used this as drawing inspiration, taking shapes from different parts of the car, and collaging using the colours from the beach themed Miami research I had gathered.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 12.03.01

Gathering the visual research helped me to begin drawing, and I thought I would also be able to use the details from the Jeep for finishings and fastenings on my samples.

I looked into artists such as Yoka Honda for drawing inspiration as I liked the graphic style used and I enjoy collaging which I thought would be a nice way to begin my drawings.


Yoka Honda | Miami sunset