Coming back after the easter break, I was intrigued to see the work of the fashion students and what they had been working on. They all seemed to have pages with images on of the research they had been looking into. I was confused at what they were going to draw from and how the work would develop on.

Pinning all of our work up in the workshop, allowed us to see clearly as a group what we had so far. We could see what needed developing, and what else we needed to do. None of the group had started sampling properly, which was the main thing we needed to build on throughout the week so we could start designing.

I didn’t really understand the fashion way of working at this point as nobody had done the kind of drawings I was used to doing in textiles, they seemed to be face/body drawings more than anything. I was confused as to where they were going to get their ideas from for sampling, as usually I would translate my drawings I had done from my primary research into samples and techniques. With not having much primary research or being able to take my own photos, I was still struggling with understanding what it was I had to do.


Pin up after Easter