After spending the rest of the week knitting, I planned to carry on this week and develop my samples after the pin up with the group. I really liked the knitted meshes and had a lot of compliments on one particular one which had denim woven through. There was lots of ways I could push the meshes, as well as being a good way to translate my drawings by weaving different yarns and materials through them.


Knitted mesh sample with woven denim


Knitted rib with elastic inlay and fastenings

In the workshop to start off this week, it was only me and Laura there, which made the day very confusing. With us both being textiles students, and the workshop was for line ups and finishings; we didn’t really understand what we had to do. The fashion students were a lot of help in the group when it came to things like this as they would instantly know what they were doing. We got some images of finishings and fastenings whilst on the computers to help work with, but still didn’t really understand what we were supposed to be doing.

On wednesday, the presentation of sampling got cancelled and changed. We were asked to stay in the room in our groups and continue designing. Once again it was only me and Laura, and with the designing usually being our final part of a project, we didn’t want to waste our time and didn’t yet have a developed group muse for the whole group to design from. We decided to plan knit samples together instead to help develop our samples.

It was annoying having none of the fashion students in as it blocked us from doing certain things and made the workshop crit weak with only having textiles designs. We needed a developed group muse figure and face to work with as it looked messed up and like it was from two different projects. We could have had this sorted out from a group meet but didn’t get to see the rest of the group any time this week.