After developing the group muse, our pin up this week looked much stronger. Especially with Sophie being in, which also helped bring the collection together. Even though there was only three of us, the amount of work looked just as full as other groups with all of their members work.


We decided to do some collaboration stand work with our samples afterwards to visualise how our samples would look together for final designs. We then planned what needed doing for the remainder of the week before the presentation to Tom.

We realised we were also lacking in trouser designs, but had lots of tops and jackets. Me and Laura agreed to doing some trouser and shorts designs for the next day to bulk up on that side of the garments so we had a lot to choose from for the final collection.

Sophie had thankfully sorted out the Muse poses and with the help of me and Laura, got on with drawing the final designs. With the rest of the group not showing up till the end of the week, it was hard to incorporate their samples and designs from not seeing them for over a week. They didn’t flow, and with not being in, didn’t know where we were up to and which direction the group work was going in.

A lot of the trousers and shorts in the final collection ended up being normal or distressed jeans and shorts anyway, I think from the brightness and print from the top garments needed toning down with regular jeans.