I was nervous leading up to presenting our group work to Tom. I didn’t know what to expect and had no idea what he would like/dislike. With only having 3 of my samples into the designs, I felt my work didn’t show it’s full potential in the presentation as they weren’t as bold and in your face as Laura and Sophie’s, and a lot of them were similar.

The presentation was more relaxed than I imagined, and the feedback we got from Tom was constructive. He added that there was a lot of white spaces in the group file which he liked, but didn’t reflect in the samples. He advised to have more white in the samples to rebuild the work up. Some of the designs we had done, shown the knit in a much bigger proportion to the samples, and suggested we back this up with a sample showing the correct proportions. He also said the sampling could have been pushed, and combined with other group members to make it look like an even stronger group collection.

With having the exhibition put up in two days, there was not much we could do at that time to complete what Tom had advised. I decided to knit another mesh sample using white cotton to then weave into. I would have liked to use a sample of another group member to weave through, but at this point, nobody wanted to or had planned to do more samples; and seemed quite precious about the ones they had.


White mesh knit sample

I enjoyed putting up the samples in the exhibition space with Laura and thought the whole of Unit X for James Long looked very strong and stood out.