The work of Holly Ross was definitely the most stand out garment to me. The intrigue of looking at a garment and thinking ‘how have they done that’ always seem to appeal to me most. Although I had seen Holly in the process of making her garment, when it was completed and on display it completely transformed the look of it, and I was surprised at how something so messy and grungy could look so nice and professional. The photography did a lot for the work, and the colour palette was strong throughout. Comparing Holly Ross, to other degree garments such as Sioned Evans; although I loved the quality and techniques used in Sioned’s work, the high quality photo shoot and the look of the models that Holly had used just made the whole collection seem a lot more professional in my view. I could imagine it being in a fashion magazine and the photos made it look very high end fashion and that it was part of the industry.



Holly Ross ‘FRAIL’ Final Collection


Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 18.51.41.png

 Holly Ross’ Final Collection Look Book