Developing Self Initiated


During the summer, I had been working from a concept of ‘Recollection’, meaning ‘the act or power of recollecting, or recalling to mind; remembrance.’ I used childhood photos to collage with, collecting distant memories. I then used macro photography of items that withheld these childhood memories within the home to add to the photos. These gave me some interesting compositions and textures which are what I wanted but I didn’t really know how to move this project further. I felt that my boards gave off a finished collection feel rather than the start of a project.


I knew I wanted to move away from the bright, distinctive colour palette I had created from my summer work, and took some interesting macro photos of more neutral coloured objects which I much preferred the colours of. In my tutorial I was suggested to add in another word with macro to create a stronger concept, and I weren’t giving myself much to work from other than textures, which I was struggling to draw from.


Macro photography

I decided to gather contextual research looking into the kind of fashion that I really took an interest to. This really helped define what I wanted from my Practice and I decided to base my concept on ‘Function’. Collage became a big part of the start of my project, taking functional objects such as switches, sockets, chairs and lights which I put together to create new images to work from.  I like the cut outs rather than using the whole image as it really focussed on what I was looking at and made it much cleaner and easier to work from. I then traced over the shapes to break them up and make it more clear that I was looking at the shapes and certain textures from the images. Then adding colour into some of my drawings.


Function collage

From my initial contextual research and developing my concept, I wanted shaping to be a feature of my knitting, as well as a range of different fastenings. I was interested in different ways of attaching two pieces together and how my concept could be brought through to create ‘functional’ knitting. I tested out knitted strips of different yarns to see how they hung and which would hold the metal fastenings the best, as well as experimenting with bigger plain pieces of knitted fabric which I manipulated afterwards by belts, knotting and other ways of moving the fabric around. This lead me to a slight concept change of ‘function manipulation’ which gave a whole new life to my project. I focussed on attaching pieces together using knitted knots, strips and chrome metal rings. Designers such as Balenciaga was a main source of inspiration for the type of fashion in relation to the shaping, and ways of attaching pieces together whether they are functional or dysfunctional.


Balenciaga Resort 2016