Throughout this unit, I have learnt a lot about my style of working and where I would like to be within the design industry. I have revealed strengths, weaknesses and things that need building on. Through exploring the concept that I have, it has allowed me to work in a different way than I previously had and push the boundaries of knitting and the different ways of attaching. Although I wasn’t satisfied with my final collection of samples for this unit with the range of techniques and colour palette I plan to expand on this in Unit X and push my ideas to get the most out of this project that I can.

The two tutor presentations proved to be a vital learning curve of the Practice unit. The feedback from other students as well as the tutors gave multiple views, making it more visible of what I lacked in, what weren’t working and what I could have done better. My illustrations needed a lot of work as they are a vital part of communicating the ideas of how samples become a wearable piece, and seeing other students presentations shown how important image quality and lay out can be. It was also a good opportunity to work on my confidence which is something I struggle with. The prompt cards helped a little during the first presentation, and in the second I decided to write down more in depth what I was going to say, but ended up reading from the sheet resulting in speaking too quickly and being way under the time we were given. Regardless of this, my feedback was positive and I was given good ideas to push my project further.

Overall in the Practice unit I have been faced with many challenges, from confidence to creating garments. With wanting to make my first garment simple, it didn’t really bring through the ‘function’ concept which I had hoped. The choice of colour and yarn also didn’t seem to work out so I won’t be carrying this garment through into Unit X. My second garment carried more potential for what I wanted from my degree work and is able to be continuously changed and manipulated with being two separate pieces. I feel like there is more experimenting to do before I get on with garments as I feel they are lacking excitement from the Practice unit and need a lot more going on to bring them to life.