Working towards a fashion context I was excited for the processes of learning to make garments. There was a lot more involved than I had first imagined; from taking the patterns of existing garments, making toiles, measuring any curved edges, design a knit and linking. It was a long process which took up a lot more time than I expected.

I decided to keep the structure of my first garment simple and make a drop sleeve jumper which required no shaping other than the neckline. I wanted to stick with boxy simple garments that were pulled in by the fastenings. I experimented with where I would stop the box pleats as they didn’t sit quite right on the sample I had previously done and noted this down for when I started the first panel of my garment. I was also suggested to try another technique within this as from the waist up, I was planning on just continuing to the neckline in plain knit. So i decided to sample a similar piece including ripples and the neckline to give a true indication of the kind of silhouette my garment would have in the more heavyweight fabric it will be.

My first garment was very problematic in the making from the yarn not knitting well with certain techniques,  knots in the yarn which caused it to snap, and not linking well.  With the difficulties of making my first garment, I chosen a different yarn quality to make my second one which made it much easier to make in every way. The yarn knitted more smoothly with no problems, and linked perfectly on the first attempt. I had been put off using the linker from the first garment, which set me back as I wanted to use it for a lot of sample ideas I had; but I soon built confidence back up after linking my second garment.