Bradford Textiles Society


Thinking back to previous work in L5, I had used a marbling technique onto some of my samples and knew it was something I wanted to revisit as I hadn’t had chance to push it further. I decided to base my live project on ‘Effusion’, looking into the spreading and flow of colour into water. This gave me chance to be more free with my drawing style and work in a completely different way. I wanted more structure from my knitted samples allowing me to create some diverse for my portfolio. I also wanted to make sure my colours were bold to create a contrast to my self initiated project.

I decided on The Bradford Textiles Society for my live brief, I wanted to enter into the A1 The Wool Mark Company Award, which was to make a knitted fabric for fashion or interiors consisting of a minimum of 60% Merino wool. I decided to work with merino wool and elastic with thicker inlayed elastic to create the movement effect I wanted. The 4ply merino was too thick and gave a bulky look to the knit which was going against the delicateness I wanted from my samples. I tested out 1ply merino instead but it still didn’t give the desired effect I wanted, it looked too wooly and lacked in the smoothness that the elastic gave. I then tried marbling onto these sample to see which yarns worked best with the print. The thicker merino didn’t take the marbling well as it was too chunky whereas the elastic being much finer closed knit worked a lot better. From trying this out, I decided to stick to just elastic and similar finer yarns and enter into the K1 Clothworkers’ Foundation Award instead.

I looked into accessory contextual research for this project, refining it down to simple drawstring bags as I felt that’s where my project fit best. Although the time I spent on this project was short, I enjoyed using the processes I did and would have liked to made a bag based on this collection if time management was handled more appropriately.