Contextual reasearch has been a crutial part in developing on my project. Garments showing different ways of connecting, maniupulating and gathering have been very influential and proved that some things I didn’t think were possible, are. Christopher Esber is a designer who uses simple knots as a way of attaching, a fairly simple technique that can be made to look very effective.


christopher eclipse

Christopher Esber


During a PDP I was suggested to play with multiple and interlocking shapes, which is how I had gone on to develop my drawings by picking out shapes and repeating them. I tested out ways of knitting strips on the domestic machine and hooking back on to create an interlocking hoop sample which worked well and was much different to anything I had ever knitted before. I started to look into ropes, cords and ribbons and how I could bring them into my project as they had cropped up in a lot of designers work I had researched. The ropes fit in well with my concept and uncovered more ideas of attaching things together and being functional using inlay, and being able to pull in and loosen the knit. I also began looking into macrame as a way of fully bringing the ropes into my project and experimented with different techniques, I used ribbon to create a 3D form which worked well but was time consuming and required a lot of length to create a small piece.

Mannequin work has been a regular part of Practice for me, using samples on the body to communicate different ways they can be used in garments, and pinning pieces together to discover new ways of attatching.