Unit X


After evaluating the Practice unit and getting feedback, I knew I wanted to continue with the same project, but weren’t sure how I would re start it to give me new ideas and different ways to push it. Looking through my sketchbook and all the work I had submitted with a fresh mind after handing in really helped me see new potentials for my work and I how I had ignored a lot of my initial research to start the project off. I had blocked out a lot of the colours, going off how I thought I wanted my project to look, but this ended up making it hard to bring multiple colours into my samples which resulted in a lot of block colours that didn’t compliment each other.

I used my initial collages as starting points to continue my concept, paying more attention to the colours, textures and shapes within them. I used collage as a way of drawing directly from my images, making it easier to translate my sketchbook work into samples. Colour proportion was important for me as I wanted to make my samples look like they worked together and experiment with how the proportion could change the whole look of samples. From focussing on the colours and textures, I started to sway from the functional aspect that I wanted from my samples. They had become more decorative and I was suggested to visit a hard wear store and looking at hinges and other ways of attaching two things together that wouldn’t be associated with knitting. I also have an upcoming laser cutting session which I will create my own fastenings experimenting with materials such as perspex, wood and leather.

Designer Christopher Esber uses resin buttons to connect one side of the garment to the other, and being able to undo parts of it making it functional in an interesting way. I have began experimenting with mixed media such as resin in hoop shapes, setting more hardwearing materials into it. I will use experiment with these in different ways to create new ways of fastening and joining pieces together. These will also work well with the ropes and cords within my samples.


Christopher Esber SS16 Ready To Wear

I plan on completing Unit X with a collection of 2 – 3 outfits that contain functional aspects. I want to push my concept to the limits and really step over the boundaries. I will display my garments in the degree show with styling and a professional quality photoshoot including a Lookbook.